Before the Bean...

The house at 884 Penniman ave. has had a long and interesting life.

Prior to being the Plymouth Coffee Bean Co., this house served as a family home and dentist office to the Robision family. Doctor Robision was Plymouth's town dentist and loved to have his family close to him. During the day he would help the citizens of Plymouth with their dental needs and after work he didn't have a long drive home, because his office was connected to the house. His office occupied the area where the counter and whole beans are on display today. Mrs. Robison, Dr. Robison's beloved wife, planned the structural change to the building that we know as the Bean in the 1970's. The Robison's raised their family in the Bean until 1978 when the family moved to another home and began the Robison Dental Group. Today the third generation of Robison dentists continue to support the Plymouth areas dental needs.

1970's image of the Bean

The Plymouth Coffee Bean Company begins...

In 1993, Pam Haas, originally from Michigan, moved back from California having the inspiration to open a West Coast style coffee shop here in the Mid-West. The coffee craze had swept the West Coast, the TV show "Friends" was just becoming popular, and she led the way for Michiganders to ride the caffeine wave. In the beginning, the Plymouth Coffee Bean Company, used only the current service area and the first room directly next to it. All of the original furniture was purchased through consignment shops to create the homey feel and decorated the walls with art produced by local artists. She also incorporated the live music and poetry readings that have made the Bean a featured local venue. After a few years of success, she created the patio garden in the front of the Bean to allow customers to enjoy coffee in the great outdoors.

In late 1998 Jan Hemme approached Jim Prokes and said “Dianne is bored and she is interested in buying this little coffee shop in Plymouth, can you run the numbers”. Needless to say it worked out real well. For the next four years Dianne & her son Justin poured their hearts into running The Plymouth Coffee Bean. They added that personal family touch that only rare families like the “Hemmes” can do.

In late 2002 Jan approached Jim Prokes again and said “Dianne is tired and thinking about selling”. I immediately told him if he was serious my brother Steve & I would be interested in buying The Plymouth Coffee Bean. In February 2003 Steve Prokes & Jim Prokes took over the “bean” and started a journey that continues to this day.


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