Old Time Favorites

Kerry's Nutty Irishman

Latte with Hazelnut and Irish Creme

The Duke

White Chocolate Mocha with Hazelnut

Dirty Chai

Chai Tea Latte with Espresso

The Liquid "O"

White Chocolate Chai Latte with Vanilla

B2 Bomber

White Chocolate Mocha with Vanilla

Barista's Favorites

Triple Nickle

Triple Espresso Shot Small Latte with Steamed Half and Half

Black Eye

Tranditional Macchiato with Chocolate and Irish Creme

The Maddie

White and Dark Chocolate Mocha

Honey Luv Latte

Espresso, Milk, and Honey

Goji Glory

Raspberry Soy Tea Latte with Extra Raspberry Flavor


Pomegranate with Iced Tea and Peach

Butter-E Latte

Butter Rum Latte with Soy Latte

Grey Lady

Tea Latte with Earl Grey Tea, Soy Milk, and Almond

Royal Tea

British Breakfast Tea with English Toffee and Cream


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